Miami Heat VS. Portland Trailblazers Postgame Analysis

The Miami Heat lost a close game against the rejuvenated Trailblazers by a score of 90 - 92, after Wesley Matthews sank a 3-pointer with 26.9 seconds left in the 4th quarter. Although Chris Bosh had a great game with 29 points (13-18 FGs), the rest of the trio had a quiet night, with James scoring 15 points and Wade chipping in 18 (6-18 FGs). On Portland, Nicolas Batum matched Bosh's points with 28 of his own, and Aldridge contributed 20 points. The difference in this game was the Blazers' role players, with Matthews scoring 18 and Lillard dishing out 8 assists. Stats Leaders MIA POR Points Bosh 29 Batum 28 Rebounds James 10 Aldridge 15 Assists James 9 Lillard 8 Steals James 2 Aldridge 2 Blocks Bosh 4 Batum 1 Check out the results of other games (Knicks VS. Pacers) on

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