Harp Version of Taylor Swift's 'Style'

Covers of this song will never go out of style.

Artists such as Kelly Clarkson and Patrick Stewart have reinvented Taylor Swift's song, Style. It's a beautiful pop song written about Swift's ex-fling, Harry Styles. Though her music video definitely got a mixed reaction, the song was a huge hit inspiring thousands of people to make covers. When Taylor Swift finds a cover that she likes, she tweets about it to her 50 million followers and instantly makes the cover and artist go viral. However, unlike the others, Emilie & Ogden's cover is a refreshing remake that includes a harp.

Swift has yet to see this cover.

Emilie & Ogden

Like everyone else, I'm obsessed.

Emilie & Ogden's first album 10,000 will be released on October 2.


Here's the original. I could play this song on repeat for hours. Love it.

Which version do you like better?

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