Dumbest Things About Our Hook Up Culture

So we all know we live in a hook up culture. Going on dates and getting to know each other usually happens after the first few sleepovers, drunken hook ups, and obsessing over whether or not we should text the guy who just saw us naked.

Thats college for you am I right?

Most people knock the hook up culture but I really don't see whats so bad about it! Sometimes its fun to flirt it up with everyone, go home with strangers that can become new friends, new loves, or just great stories. Usually after a fews weekends you know if it will turn into something or not, which is what makes the hook up culture so awesome! You get to choose if you want someone for long term or only on Saturdays!

But sometimes the unspoken rules, obsession with casual, and equating hook ups with being hot, can be so dumb and totally ruins the fun part of hooking up!


Figuring out the texting

please stop thinking that you are needy

Honestly, they saw you naked, the least they can do is text you back! And maybe they want the same thing as you but if they want to keep it just a weekend hook up at least now you know.


Getting jealous

So you hooked up. Some people get the feels way quicker then others and if you are one of those people, the hook up culture is NOT for you. The quickest way to make yourself miserable is thinking you can hook up and keep the no strings attached OR thinking you can force the person to love you overtime. Because the hook up culture is the hook up culture and those in it know what they are (and aren't) looking for.

Know yourself and know weather or not you can handle it

Forgetting your friends

Its easy to get caught up in the routine of get dolled up, pregame with the girls, and then focus on your next kill when you're at the bar. But that can get old quick for your friends that sometimes just want to have a girls night and order drunk take out and stay up partying till 5am back at the house. Make sure your friends are still your priority because the hook up culture certainly isn't as fun as a food fight with the girls.


The period confusion

This is the legit DUMBEST thing girls do every time they start hooking up/are "talking" to someone. When they are asked to watch movies or chill they feel the need to warn this new person that they have their period AS IF ITS SUCH A HUGE PROBLEM to hang out without sex. I get that you aren't dating yet, but if you are consistently hooking up, your period should not stop a hang out/make out session. And if it does, they person is kind of a jerk and if you are ok with that don't look for anything other then a drunk hook up.

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