Spot That Emoji!

Can you find the emoji in these pictures?

Emojis are becoming a mainstream form of communication to enhance texting, advertising, dating, and all mainstream media. Chevy recently wrote an entire press release using only emojis to announce a new car. The World Wildlife Fund used emojis to raise awareness about endangered animals. People went into an uproar that there were not various races and options for same sex couples until it was changed. Dominos pizza introduced a service where you can text a pizza emoji and the pizza will then be delivered to your door. They're on billboards, in commercials, symbolism for movements, etc. They're even in the English dictionary. Emojis have become so popular that people are demanding more putting pressure on the creators to get them approved by Apple.

So with all of these changes, why not incorporate them into our everyday pictures?

Introducing project, "Emojis IRL".

Created by Brooklyn-based art director Brad Warsh, we see emojis being integrated into simple iPhone photos of his surroundings. Though emojis have a cartoony look, they seem to assimilate into the pictures unnoticed. Warsh has worked with Facebook, Ikea, and Coca-Cola using his technique to introduce emojis into their projects. He said that he doesn't have to commute far from work or home to get inspiration. This is a really cool way to bring photography and a digital medium together to create a new form of digital art!

"I've learned that people love emojis, that they've become such an integrated and seamless part of our lives, we all use them daily without even noticing anymore. They are so instantly recognizable to us. This project aims to show how much they are a part of our world."

The four things that Warsh swears by:

1. Slingshot - Facebook's version of Snapchat

2. VSCOcam - iPhone photo-editing app

3. Instagram -@bradwarsh

4. His iPhone

How many emojis did you find?

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