Get Ready for Fall with 70's Pantsuits

It's now August, which officially makes it appropriate to start thinking about fall and, more importantly, fall fashion. Whether you're starting up at a new job or just looking for some pieces to revamp your wardrobe, a pantsuit is a great style to take charge and look like a true boss lady, even if you're just getting coffee for the real boss.

For a 70's-inspired style, go with a wide-leg trouser.

If you don't want to invest in a new suit, try a flare or wide-leg trouser that will go with your typical black (or neutral) blazers. Flared trousers like these from ASOS are subtle but still on-trend, so when the 70's are no longer in style, they will still be a staple in your wardrobe.

For a more retro look, swap out your typical blazer for a matching 70's jacket.

A double-breasted coat or a blazer with a tied belt can look both retro and fresh, especially with a great pair of matching pants. Go for a jacket with a longer hem, that hits just below your hipbones, for more authenticity to the 70's style. This suit from Topshop is a great example of a 70's jacket. If you don't want to buy a full suit, try wearing a jacket like this one with trousers you already own.

Try a colorful suit in a rich color or bright pastel.

If you're a bolder dresser, a bright pastel-colored suit or a richer color if that's not your thing. If you can go all out, flared pants and a matching blazer in a cool color will look great with a simple black top tucked in. If you want to try the trend with less impact, stick with a straight-leg or cropped trouser. This suit is a happy medium between retro and updated.

More tips...

* To give the look a real vintage vibe, tie a silk scarf around your neck, tucking the ends under the collar of your blazer for the true 70's style.

* Mix and match the above elements with each other or your more commonly worn pieces if you want to try the trend in a more subtle way, like a long belted jacket with skinny trousers or jeans, or flared trousers with a brightly colored blazer.

* Another way to make the look more 70's is with a turtleneck worn under your jacket, or a button-up blouse buttoned all the way up. Steer clear of ruffled tops if you're trying these trends, or the whole outfit will look like a costume.

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