A Body Positive Letter To My Future Self


Dear Liz,

Man, don't you wish we told people our nickname was Libby? That is so much cooler...actually I hope you finally remembered to introduce us as Libby and started spreading that. So let me start again.

Dear Libby,

Yeah I like that. I feel like I am writing this letter during a very pivotal point in my life and there is one thing that I am hoping for above all else.

I hope that we have learned complete body acceptance.

I want to already know we look great.

And just so you know this letter is really from me (well past you) I'll add this. I really hope we made enough money to go grocery shopping at Fairway, because their colorful produce makes me feel healthier just staring at it.

Loving you more (slowly) every time I look in the Mirror Libby,


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