What to Wear on Your Birthday

As you get older, birthdays become less about your perfect day and more about celebrating what's great in your life. It's hard to know what to wear to your birthday celebrations to look amazing but not like you're trying to be the star. I'll help you get through it and still make sure you look the part.


Do wear... your favorite dress.

Your birthday might be an excuse to shop, but you definitely don't need to get anything new either. Your favorite dress is tried and true, so you know you'll both feel and look good in it. It's your favorite for a reason! If it's on the dressier side for wherever you're going, dress it down with flat sandals or sneakers. If it's on the casual side, make it pop in heels and statement jewelry. Go with your gut when it comes to your wardrobe.

Don't wear... a lot of sparkles.

Head to toe sequins look like you think you're the birthday princess, and whether or not this is true, you don't want to come across as if this night is only about you. A bit of sequin detailing is fine, but this is not the time to break out that LBD covered in sparkles, or it will seem too forced. As cute as Victoria Justice looks, she is an actual celebrity celebrating accordingly... it's a dress you can rock on New Year's, but not your birthday.

Probably wear: a cropped top and matching bottoms.

This trend is super fun and can have just the right amount of sexy, tasteful, and fashion-forward. I'm not advising for a skintight mini and matching tight cropped top, but a bit of midriff and fuller bottoms, like in a swingy skirt, shorts, or culottes, will look special enough for the birthday girl without being in-your-face or over-the-top.

Probably not wear: a tiny bodycon dress.

As much as you might want to break out the little skintight dress, unless it's a style you rock all the time and feel great in, it might not be the great option. Bodycon dresses tend to ride up, and can be a risky choice if you want to be able to dance. You also don't want any chance of feeling self-conscious in your outfit choice; you should know you look amazing.

Do wear... wedges or flatforms.

A wedge heel or a trendy and fun flatform is the perfect way to give your look a boost and still be comfortable and able to walk from bar to bar. Your five inch stilettos might look amazing, but you'll spend the night in serious pain instead of feeling light and carefree. Flats are obviously fine, too, but something with a little heel of some kind will make the look special without killing your feet.

Don't wear... a birthday tiara, sash, or other princess paraphernalia.

This is the absolute worst, when a birthday girl deems it appropriate to bust out the plastic crown or a "Birthday Betch" sash to wear across her dress. Everyone knows it's your birthday, and you definitely don't need to don tacky and obnoxious paraphernalia to remind them.

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