Frozen strawberry - peach Margarita

It was tequila o'clock, or actually frozen margarita day at my house yesterday. The whole family gathered and had an amazing afternoon on the porch. I am a fan of tequila, especially when it comes to frozen margaritas. I love it that there is so little rules you have to follow: You have to use tequila, orange liquour and lime juice. The rest is up to you.

So, when making frozen margaritas, you don't need to use your high end tequila, use a middle class one (never go with the cheap stuff), because it is going to get blended with a lot of different ingredinents. For two servings (I have big margarita glasses) I used: - 3 oz. of tequila, - 1 oz. of peach liquour, - 1 oz. of tripple sec, - 2 oz. of lime juice, - 1/2 oz. strawberry syrup, - 1/2 oz. simple syrup, - 1 oz. of peach juice, - about 6 frozen strawberries, - about half of peach (sliced), - and lots of ice.

Rimm your glasses with a mixture of sugar, salt and chilli powder and garnish with lime wheel and 2 straws. This really was amazing to drink. The combination of strawberry and peach is perfect.

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