Digital Camera vs Camera Pic

First of all, I love taking photos. To me, it doesn't matter what you are using, its your eye, your concept that you are conveying. I think I take pretty good photos. Whether it's with my Canon or my phone (currently using Motorola Droid). Ever since I was young, I have always taken photos. I owned a little 35mm camera. I had a drawer full of camera rolls, I still have a lot of the photos developed from those rolls. I even once had a camera that used a disc like film... don't know if anyone remembers that one, lol Throughout the years, camera phones went from very poor 15 pixel pic, to the almighty megapixel 4.5... or what have you. Since phones have cameras that can take awesome night shots, I seen photographers actually use the camera pic as a finished photo. Like the iPhone 6. My brother took a photo of the night sky, I was like, I'm jealous your phone can do that. Anyway. The above photos are mine. Can you guess which photo was taken with a digital camera and which ones are from a camera phone?

These were the photos from my Canon

And these photos are my camera phone photos.

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