Dreams can come true

Some people were skeptical about my post for the people who lost the contest. Telling me how even if they wait its not enough, that it will never happen for them etc. I'm not going to lie, I thought the same thing from the moment I liked BigBang to the day my friend helped me. (I hope none of this sounds like bragging I'm just trying to prove that good things can come when least expected, I'm also sorry that this is pretty late. It took me a while to think of everything I had to say.). I never got to share my story on that post and I just want to let all the VIPs know that waiting makes the outcome perfect and you never do know what the next day can bring you. The friend who helped me was a friend I met on Twitter my freshman year, I'm now graduated. I told her about BigBang here and there, but I never ever told a soul I wanted to see them live. Why? Because back then I didn't think it would happen. They only go around LA, which my dad fears so I've never been anywhere near, and the tickets would be the most expensive thing I own. My family didn't have enough money for that, it made me sad.


Another of my Internet friends told me about BigBang's comeback and tour. When I saw the LA date I got excited and sad. I had enough money for tickets, but how would I get there? I told my friend from Twitter, she offered to drive me down there with her mom (we met in person and hang out ocassionally). Saying they'd go to Disneyland while I went to the concert. That was fine with me, but it wasn't a done deal. I even asked my dad and he told me there was no way we could afford a 7 hour drive, hotel, food, etc but if my friend could take me I could go. I'm so thankful to this friend, she will never even know how thankful I am. Towards the time I bought the tickets, she had changed plans. Her brother lived down in LA, so we would stay with him and fly down and both go to Disneyland for the weekend. I didn't have enough money for all that, or any of that really. So she bought my plane ticket, no money owed, nothing asked. Just bought it for me. Even is paying the majority of my Disneyland ticket. She mapped out our weekend, our flight, printed out the tickets. She did it all.

I never expected my friend would do something so huge and costly for me especially when she hates kpop and big concerts. I never expected this generosity that I've been given because I've never received generosity to begin with. I hope one day to repay this huge kindness to someone and make their dreams come true. I hope that all you kpop fans out there, whether it be VIPs or other, I hope this has taught you that you HONESTLY don't know what can come next. ♡ I'm sorry if this seemed braggy or if it upset anyone. I just honestly don't want anyone to feel sad, even though this is extremely late. Don't give up on your dreams. None of you. ♡

One of DAY6'S many Sundays. ♡ Sunday and VIP.♡ Daesung is my love
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