There are very few who knows the real meaning of meditation. Meditation is to live in present life. Forget about your past because it is your past which creates your feature. We never gain anything from being lost in past. It only brings sadness in our life. If we are successful in the past then we always remember our old gold days and make our present unpleasant and if we were unsuccessful in past than we carry that failure with our life so let come back to topic Many of us say that sit in a straight position to do meditation but i totally disapprove it because meditation is to bring our mind in rest and to halt our thoughts and when we sit in a position which is out of our comfort level then that we can not do meditate for long. So first thing is sit in any position in which you are comfortable and then clear all thought from our mind. Forget all the things like your name, aim or baits which that world has offered to you. This will increase thought processing and practicing this will help you to live the present life to fullest. So devote some time for you and your life and you will notice a sea change in your life. If you fill this thing helpful or not then let me know our opinion by simply typing Yes or No in your comment.

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