My unpopular pick for EPL champion

Holy hell, I'm excited.

four teams fighting for the title this season:

With the season upon us, it's time for predictions. I'll be doing all of my predictions little by little this week, and there's one logical place to start.

Who will win the EPL this season?

Chelsea ready to repeat?

Even though I believe that they have the best squad up and down, I don't think Chelsea will win the title this season.

The defense is sure to keep many clean sheets.

The skill in the midfield is undeniable.

The striking force is just too thin.

fail to get enough goals

City to rebound?

Sorry, but I don't think City have what it takes, either. In fact, I think they are the fourth best team in the Prem this season.

Zabaleta is agingMangala was a total failure last yearClichy is older

Who knows what to expect of Yaya Toure?not nearly consistent enough.

new singing Raheem Sterling looks like a letdown for me.

There isn't enough consistent quality in this team to win the title. City will finish fourth.

Will he stay or will he go?

If he stays, I say United have a legit shot at the title.

wing backs are beyond solid

real monsterhugely influentialMata is oustanding

Rooney has more than enough to hold this force down.great serviceUnited should get plenty of goals.

If de Gea stays, United could make a real title challenge. And I think he will stay. That said, I don't see them winning it all, as the squad through and through isn't quite up to par.

Arsenal will win the 2015-16 EPL title

overcome the long odds to win the whole thing.

top, top keeperbest center-half in the Prem, bar nonefantastic pace will change games,

The midfield is rivaled only by Chelsea in depth and talent.great qualities

will finish in the top 3 for Player of the Year votingGiroud, who I just believe in

Wenger has proven time and time again that he is a terrific manager of both the match and his players.

He will do enough this season to win a close title race.

Gunners fans, the wait is over: this is the year Wenger breaks the spell and takes the title.

relegation battle and Player of the Year candidates.

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