8 Adorable Must Have Notebooks

Who wouldn't love to take notes in these bad boys?

1. "Killing It" Notebook

Remind yourself you're awesome.

Urban Outfitters / 6.95

2. "Correct" Pizza Notebook

I'm not entirely sure what this means, but I like it.

Urban Outfitters / 13.95

3. "Stay Focused" Notebook

I definitely need this one.

Bando.com / 9.00 $

4. "I did my best" Notebook

For those of us who underachieve.

Bando.com / Barnes and Noble / 10.00 $

5. Little Dino Notebook

How precious! Look at it's little arms!

Etsy CandyFaceCreative / 9.60 $

6. Starbucks Notebook

For the coffee addicts who can't stay awake in class.

Redbubble.com / 12.60 $

7. Typewriter Notebooks

For the "serious" writers among us. ;)

Etsy Helena Carrington / 7.20 $

8. Ultra-Cute Blue Dinosaur Notebook

OMG, I didn't think it could get cuter than the first dinosaur. I was wrong.

Zazzle.com / 13.95

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