Live Life, Do Not Fear It: A Contract With Myself


hereYou can even use her template of formal contract writing !

Date: 8.5.15

Location: New York City

Time: 2:42 P.M.

The Undersigned:

The Proprietor:

non-negotiablethe demands of my new life

I must hold myself accountable.

I will no longer be my own worse enemy

With this signature my self doubt, anxiety, and constant feelings of guilt end now. This means I will no longer;

- Connivence myself I am not good enough

- Wait for the other shoe to drop when things are going great

- Stress to the point of sickness

- Believe that I am headed for failure

- Feel guilty for saying No.

say Yes

joy and confidence I had when I was younger,

foster the dreams I have always had,

always think about the good


faced with anxieties about things that I have absolutely no control over.

This will take work and I will fall a few steps back while trying to reach the finish line. But that is just something else I need to accept, not control.

Life demands to be lived and I will go into the great unknown knowing one thing.

did not let anything stop me.

Name: Liz Arnone

Anxious 22 year old just trying to sound calm cool and collected. "Buy reflections on iTunes"
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