The U.S. Beat China in Math, and China is ok with it.

For the first time in 20 years, the United States won the annual International Mathematical Olympiad. And while the United States is rejoicing, you’d think China would be sad, but the reaction is a little bit different.

From CNN

"This is just wonderful that China finally lost the contest. Hopefully the Math Olympiad won't scourge our children anymore! It has shattered so many kids' dreams!”
"I can't care less whoever got the golden cup, as long as math Olympiad is not popularized in China and my child won't be forced to study it."

Is there a pressure to be perfect when it comes to math in China?

In another interesting study...Chinese teachers were sent to a British school to test if they work well outside the culture.

journalist Simon Jenkins

We’ll see if this new U.S. victory will lesson the pressure to do math well.

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