3 Stomach Fat Myths

Getting rid of belly fat, is a pain in the a̶s̶s̶ stomach.

Reaching the goal of a flat, toned stomach can be frustrating. Here are some myths and truths you need to know about.

1) Green tea will help you get marvelous abs.

oxidants responsible for the fat-burning potential are modest at best

Tip: In addition to drinking green tea, also try drinking about 2 gallons of water per day. This will prevent belly bloat, stop your from mistaking thirst for hunger, and keep you feeling replenished.

2) The sit-up challenge is effective

To a certain extent, it may help, but it's not as effective as you are made to believe. Also, spot reducing fat is impossible. You cannot choose where you want to burn fat, and where you want to keep it.

Tip: Sprints are absolutely magical for burning fat. So are total body movement exercises like weighted squats and deadlifts. If you do want to do crunches/or situps -- try doing those weighted.

weighted ab workouts here.

3) Eating Less Is Best

Diet is actually a HUGE component to reducing belly fat. However, it's not eating less that will get you abs. You need to have a moderate diet, which includes all kinds of foods. Focus on a high protein diet to help build your abs. Drink plenty of water. Reserve your quick digesting carbohydrates post-workout to replenish your depleted glycogen levels.

Tip: According to study which was referenced byUS News Healthmen who were on a monounsaturated-rich diet, saw a decrease in belly fat.

My personal experience: When I was on a moderately high monounsaturated and protein rich diet, I did see significant loss in fat. I had also eliminated sugars, and reserved the majority of my carbohydrates post workout. I was also eating a generous amount of vegetables. For example, I'd easily eat a bag of spinach in one day. This help with making sure I had enough fiber, and I that I was getting the nutrients I needed.I also eliminated processed foods (granola bars, 100-calorie snacks, soda, juice, bread, salad dressing, cereal, ect).

Other Things To Keep In Mind:

Your proportions, genetics, and metabolism has an impact as to how easy OR difficult it will be for you to achieve solid abs.

For myself, I had defined abs when I was very active. However, I will admit that because of my proportions, genetics, and metabolism working in my favor -- it was easier to obtain these. My mid-section has always been small, in comparison to the rest of my body. I had abs, but I wasn't necessarily working harder or smarter than some of my athlete friends who didn't have an impressively lean midsection.

The same way how it would nearly impossible for me to achieve slim thighs, it can be difficult for some people to achieve a small, lean midsection.

You need to do a combination of weights and cardiovascular training,(health.com)

Hopefully this sheds some light about belly fat!

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