Yes, I'll have six, please: Mets sweep second straight

Another day, another dollar.

Another day, another quality - no, dominant - start from a Mets starter.

walked none.

running into essentially no trouble all night.he was not stressed.

Mets' rotation is the best in the league- and it's not even close.Check it out.

Another day, another contribution from a new Met.

Well, several new Mets, really.

slugged a deep, deep three-run homerThis one was a moon shot.He is a very strong man. I would not like to make him angry.

Everything is clicking. The pitching is dominant, the offense is on fire. A day off today, then a three-game set with the Rays.

Let's keep it up.

Obsessive music fan, unable to play a single note. Student; traveler of the world; amateur MacGyver; old soul; reader; walker.
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