Flash Fiction 'Talent' Challenge!

flash fiction challengeI really like how this one came out

In a clinical trial, they are testing a new drug. It gives access to previously unknown talents in people, for a period of 48 hours. What is this person's talent? What do they do with it?

The word limit is 500. I came really close last time, so I tried to keep this one brief!

"So I can just... make people understand things? Like mind control?"

The lab tech shook his head. "Think of yourself as a teacher."

"Underpaid and overworked?"

"Very talented." The tech sighed. "You can support people as they learn. Help them reach new potentials. Show them how to love knowledge." He wrote something down on his clipboard. "For the next 48 hours anyway. We'll run a few tests, and-"

"Why?" I thought aloud. "Tests in a lab won't demonstrate the real-world consequences of a skill like this. You already have your control group, but an unpredictable environment will give you very different results."

Apparently, my skills were on-point, because the lab tech walked me out of the building with a handshake and a smile.


Of course there was traffic downtown. I peered out of my car and noticed an accident a few feet ahead. No one was hurt, but the drivers were arguing, and their wrecked cars were taking up a lot of space in the road.

"Hey strangers!" I smiled as I walked up to them. "That's not how you resolve a conflict. Why don't we take a breather and move our cars, and then we can work things out while we wait for a tow truck for each of you. Sound good?"


After that, I went to get a coffee. I watched the barista as she blended my drink, and I was pretty sure I could teach myself to do the same thing. So I went to the store and bought the ingredients and a blender, and after watching some YouTube videos I had it! Awesome.

I went to show my daughter my concoction, but she was very upset. Her tamagotchi pet had died, and we had to have a talk about death that I was not prepared to deliver to a six year-old. I think we both came out of it ok. But I'm never trusting one of those dime-store toys again.


"You're back early."

"It's very urgent!" I found myself shouting, and immediately lowered my tone to a calmer one, to better nurture the expanding mind in front of me. "The powers only last for 48 hours, correct?"

The lab tech nodded.

"It's only a trial- we haven't been able to make it last any longer."

I could feel my eyes brightening.

"What if... I tried to teach you?"

The lab tech clapped his hands.

"It just might work!"


This was a lot of fun!

I don't quite know how I feel about it. I might want to develop the idea a little more and add some details... but then it probably wouldn't be flash fiction anymore!

@buddyesd@jordanhamilton thank you both for being so encouraging!

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