5 Reasons Why Autumn is the Greatest Season

More than the ball dropping in Manhattan for the New Year, flowers blooming in the Spring, or the first beach day of the Summer, I feel the most renewed at the beginning of every Autumn. There's something about those colorful crunchy leaves and the crispness of the air that makes me feel like I'm starting over fresh. I present to you, 5 reasons why I believe Autumn is the greatest season of them all.

1. Oh, the colors.

Endless shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, brown, etc. It's so uplifting to see such beauty every where you go.

2. Autumn Activities

Apple picking, pumpkin carving, long walks, scenic drives, nearly dying in those haunted houses your friends drag you to, and basically just enjoying weather that is finally comfortable!

3. Autumn Indulgences

It is unfathomable how many baked goods one can make from their freshly picked apples. But whether you choose to make an apple crumble cake, glazed apple cookies, apple crisps, or a classic pie, one thing is for sure: cinnamon, brown sugar nutmeg. The ultimate Autumn spices. Oh, and I know you all love your pumpkin spice lattes too.

4. Cute Comfy Clothes

I hate Summer clothes nothing makes me happier than being able to finally wear my cozy oversized sweaters, flannels, skinny jeans, and leather boots.

5. A New Beginning

But of all the the smells, and tastes, and sights of Autumn, the absolutely best thing is that feeling of renewal. I think it comes from the many years of back to school in September. Whatever the case, I cannot wait to feel my first Autumn breeze this year.

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