Post Nuptial Croquembouche

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To create your own croquembouche, you will need:

donut holes

conical foam


cake pedestal

floral frog (optional)

1. The first step is completely optional, which is using a floral frog to stick into the bottom of the foam. Doing this will give the foam a weighted base to prevent the croquembouche from tipping over.

2. Insert toothpicks all the way around the foam before putting the donuts on. Be sure that the protruding sticks are between 3/4 and 1 inch in length. You don't want them bigger than the donuts.

3. Once the foam is covered in toothpicks, you can then stick the donuts onto the foam.

Let me know if you found this do-it-yourself helpful and I will find more like this to share in the Weddings Community.

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