Megaman, in Spirit: Mighty No. 9


Mighty No. 9Keiji Inafune

The game is in 3D with a real 2D style, and it just absolutely reeks of Megaman. A sweet, sweet reek.

Penny Arcade Expo

The game was originally scheduled for release in April 2015, but was delayed until September 2015 so as to polish the game up and add Japanese and French voiceacting to the characters in the game. However, just a few days ago, the game was delayed once more. The reason for this is apparently due to online play issues that affect the games playability for all people.

It is now optimistically scheduled for a Q1 2016 release, though without a set date. This new delay has angered many of the backers of the game, who expected to have it months ago. They were willing to accept the first delay for the sake of polishing, but a second delay, even longer than the first, seems unforgivable to people.

Ideally, this delay will be the last, or may even be shortened. Hopefully, the delay gets brought down to maybe a holiday 2015 release, though that's hard to determine. In any case, it's a game I'm excited to pick up once it eventually drops.

Until then, just keep watching this gameplay footage.

Seriously, the Megaman feel in this game is strong. What do you guys think?@vanemunos@jaydia@mattk95@buddyesd

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