Screw Normal Houses, Give Me A Tree House

Tiny Houses

Fully furnished and jaw dropping Tree Houses!

So any of you who related to Tarzan on a level most people could not understand....well this guys does!

The tree houses are not your run of the mill planks nailed together like you had when you were a kid (or at least saw in the movies). These tree house include

- a working bathroom

- a functional kitchen

- running water


- the most amazing views

Tree Houses: To recreate your childhood...only now you have money.

Check out this tour of a recently finished tree house!

Doesn't that just look stunning. And the host of the show is SO NICE! I can not get over how beautiful this tree house is.

Here are just a few more pics of their amazing creations.

Here is a tree house that's roof is a living part of it! Many tree houses grow plants and grass onto their roofs to great an even earthier feel.

No size or shape is impossible for the tree masters as they create circle houses and even houses that take the shape of a pinecone!

Just look at the inside of this house!! Its the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

Although I think building a tree house like this one is going to cost a little more then a tiny house....

Well, happy saving and let me know if you would be just as down to live in a tree house as I am!

I thought you might like this card since you liked the last one !!





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