Here's a reminder that some things never change with the Mets

A story:

Blevins is an accomplished lefty specialist, exactly what the Mets needed.

He was shaping up to be a huge piece of the Mets bullpen.

struck in the left forearmBrutal

But the arm didn't heal as expected

finally be readyhelp them in a big waythere was really no one to fill the void he left.

And now, today. News has just been released that Blevins, on the cusp of returning, broke his arm again.

He slipped while walking. Out for the season. Pack your bags.

this team is surely cursed.

Blevins was ready to be a major contributor. Now, the Mets are left with no real lefty specialist, except the pitcher they just got from Oakland.

Eric O'Flaherty is the new specialist in the bullpen? Yikes.

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