Buns Are Overrated: Tortilla Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are one of my favorite foods (yay unhealthy things!). But, sometimes I can get pretty bored of the normal-looking ones that you can get from a street vendor in NYC. Oh, I can choose between mustard AND ketchup?

Gimme more, folks!

So, here's a tortilla hot dog wrap, or you can call them "Pigs in a Poncho".

Alright, let's make something easy and yummy!

What You'll Need:

1 tortilla

1 hot dog

Shredded cheese



How To Make It:

1) Place shredded cheese near the middle of the tortilla with the hot dog.

2) Tightly roll the tortilla.

3) Add oil into a pan. Set to medium-heat.

4) Place in pan. Rotate each side until golden brown.


nom nom nom NOMMMMMM!!!!

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