5 Songs That Have Brainwashed You Into Partying!

Its Friday again which means its time to let loose and use countless of shots to forget about the work week, or that you even have a job at all!

But you're whining because you're tired and you would rather just have a casual friend night in with a few drinks, a blanket and Netflix right? WRONG!

Here are some very basic, can't help but love them songs, to get you HYPE for 5:00 happy hour.

Last Friday Night - Katy Perry

Katy Perry's jam is known world wide and even the most reluctant can't help but sing along to the chorus with beer in hand. Plus any music video involving a make over and different color neon shoes is perfection.

Weekend Warriors - A Change Of Pace

This song is the literal anthem for living it up on the weekends. Because we all have rough weeks, hard times and all around shitty days. Which is why the weekend is the time to go out with your friends and do everything you want, because we are young and awesome.

"But it really doesn't get much better then this."

Shots - LMFAO

totally gross shot of vodka that reminds me of freshmen year and regret.

Pro Tip:

Let's Get Fucked Up - Start Trouble

A lesser known song, yet the best one to play when your friend is refusing to get out of bed and start pregamming with you! Like how can you say No to this?

I Love It - Icona Pop

This makes me wanna do more then just get drunk. This song makes me wanna dress up, jump on a bar, steal a bottle and run out before anyone can catch me. This is a JAMMMM that requires a lot of jumping around and chugging and no one can tell me otherwise.

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