Let's talk relegation: who goes down this season?

Hey, we've almost made it! The English Premier League kicks off tomorrow, with Man United and Spurs getting things started at 7:45 ET Saturday morning.

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one of my favorite parts of the EPL: the relegation battle.

Which teams are set to finish in the bottom three?


Fuck Adam Johnson.

Old Man Jermain DefoeThey finished 16th last season and just barely escaped relegation, and haven't gotten much better.


defense probably isn't good enough to lock down Premiership-quality attackers

no telling what they're capable of. My bet? Not much.


mired in controversy

they lost their most important playerStriker Jamie Vardy might actually be goodbut the rest of the team will struggle to match their energy and quality.


legitimately great signings this summerqualityexperiencereally solid defensive base

giving some top teams real trouble

Aston Villa

rue breakout seasonrevive his once-promising career

However, they lost their two best players over the summerCan the squad they have make up for the absences of the two true quality stars?

Norwich City

gained promotion the hard wayping-pong style

who starred for Hull Citypromising winger

So, who goes down?

With these six the most likely to drop down (with the possible inclusion of West Brom, who will probably be safe), it's going to be an interesting season at the bottom.

My picks are Bournemouth, Leicester and Sunderland.

Villa and Norwich will barely survive, while I see Watford having a solid season.

Bournemouth simply don't have enough quality. Am I picking them to go down just because I know the least about them? Yes. But maybe the fact that I know so little says something about how good they are...

Leicester are a mess after the Thailand scandal and were required a miracle late-season run to avoid relegation last season. The squad has lost its most important player and will not pull off the same escape this time around.

Sunderland have been on the verge of going down too many season in a row to avoid the drop again. Average management, average players. They'll be relegated.

Who are your picks?

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