Can SeaWorld Change?

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We all heard the story right? It’s a tale of the theme park’s mistreatment of orcas, employees, and hiding behind all the scandal. SeaWorld has been in the headlines since the release of the 2013 Blackfish Documentary.

On top of CEO Joel Manby releasing SeaWorld profits, he also had to admit that the company is still attempting to convince the public that there whales are treated well, and is ultimately failing.


Net income in the second quarter dropped from $37.4m in 2014 to $5.8m in 2015, a 84% decrease. Revenue fell from $405m to $392m. Attendance dropped by more than 100,000 from 6.58 million to 6.48 million.

Having watched the documentary myself, I really do not like the idea of Sea World existing. But I think they can change around their business plan and code of ethics to make things better again. Maybe change their attractions!

For example: Sea World is trying to boost other attractions, and putting in a brand new roller coaster...I sure hope the rollercoaster wasn’t breed in captivity. Don’t even get me started on separating this coaster from its mother coaster!

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