Is Kendrick Lamar Taking Shots at Drake on Dr. Dre’s Album?

I have good news and bad news for hip-hop fans.

The good news is that the Dr.Dre album finally released today. The bad news is that it may have started a new rap beef.

This one could be major as well, as it could be between Kendrick Lamar and Drake.


The first diss that could be linked to Drake appears on “Darkside/Gone."

"But still I got enemies giving me energy, I wanna fight now/Subliminally sent to me all of this hate.” - Kendrick

The second diss that could be linked to Drake is on “Deep Water."

“They liable to bury him, they nominated six to carry him/They worrying him to death, but he’s no vegetarian/The beef is on his breath, inheriting the drama better than/A great white, nigga, this is life in my aquarium.”

These bars come to life once you read them, don't they?


Drake easily handled the Meek Mill beef, but if Kendrick verifies these lines are about Drake, I can't see the '6 God' walking away without a response.

Very entertaining time period in hip-hop culture. I can't wait to see what happens next!

Christian is a member of the SNICK generation who misses the days of Pete and Pete and is a loyal advocate of backpack rap.
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