Glory to the Underdog: Don't root for a top EPL side


It's true - I won't lie to you. And if you're a total geek of the game, that's really attractive.

But you shouldn't root for them each week. You're better off picking a lower team - maybe a relegation-threatened side - and backing them all year long.

Let me explain.


They win more often than not, but anything other than a title win is going to let you down. And what's the fun in that?

So, last season, I latched on to Hull City. They were a decent side, one who I figured would have to work hard to not get relegated, but would probably be safe when it was all said and done.

I was wrong - Hull were relegated - but that's not the point.

The relegation battle is more intriguing than the title race. Why?

It features teams getting absolutely DESPERATE come the end of the season to steal even a single point.

clubs begin to realize what relegation means

When you get relegated,most of your players - the good ones, at least - leave the club to stay in the Prem. And who could blame them?

When it gets really tight in March and April, this becomes clear to players and their managers, and teams begin to stretch themselves extra thin to beat the drop.

Sometimes, the fact that the players are slightly less great makes it more fun.

you get to see players playing absolutely OUT OF THEIR MIND, way above their ability, out of love for the team and the cause.

The sweet moments are that much sweeter

it was one goal that almost changed the entire outcome of the season

The margins are SO small in the relegation battle.

So you're going to have some good moments, even if relegation is your eventual fate.

Sometimes, heartbreak is OK

Excuse the over-used metaphor, but sports are like life. It's the truth. You're not always going to win.

It's fun to root for the underdog.

This season, I'm gunning for Crystal Palace

I'm not happy about having to change my allegiance, but Hull's relegation really gives me no chance. I'll be rooting for Hull to return to the Prem next season, and will support for them again if they make it back up, but in the meantime I need a rooting interest.

I've selected Palace because they're an up-and-coming side. They're exciting, have made really good signings (Yohan Cabaye, Patrick Bamford, Connor Wickham), and they are good enough to challenge anyone.

Best case scenario? Palace somehow manage to sneak their way into the top 10.

Worst case? I'd rather not say.

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