Gakuen Alice Review!

So I just finished this anime in two days, woo-hoo! It was a rollercoaster of fun, I have been wanting to watch this because I thought this was going to be a cute anime with magic like Cardcaptor Sakura and it was. I love it so much!


Mikan Sakura grew up with her grandfather on the countryside of Japan. Mikan is shocked to find out that her best friend Imai Hotaru is being transferred to a prestigious school in Tokyo and she hears rumors that the students are like prisoners there and worried what would happen to Hotaru, thus she runs away to head to the school herself. The school is actually an elite Academy for gifted people with "Alices," an ability that is unique depending on the individual being. Once Mikan arrives to the gates of the school, she encounters an Alice teacher named Narumi, gets enrolled due to a series of events, and is told that she possesses a rare Alice. Despite her initial view of the so-called greatness to the school, Mikan slowly discovers that beneath the grand facade of the Academy, there is a never-ending stream of lies and buried secrets. The school's increasingly manipulative and sinister actions towards her make it a dangerous place to be. Little does Mikan know that her enrollment in Alice Academy set the gears in motion to an even greater tragedy.


Natsume Hyuuga is my favorite character from this show, he reminds me of Ikuto from Shugo Chara because they both have spunk and they are associated with a cat in their appearance which I love!

This was my favorite scene from the entire show, it made me laugh so hard and I kept replaying it over and over to see Ruka and Natsume's reaction when Tsubasa hugged her back just to see their reaction. Then both of the guys heads turned around so fast and all I could imagine them thinking is "Get your hands off my Sakura" lol they are too cute!!!

I ship these two so hard. Natsume X Sakura! They made me smile and cry throughout this show. I want a 2nd season but I don't think there will be one sadly, so I'm definitely going to be reading the manga and hope that they do make another season. Let me know if you liked this show or not and why, or if you haven't watched it yet are you going to go check it out!

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