Debunking The Pros and Cons of Coffee

Although coffee isn’t Paleo friendly, you may still be battling the idea of getting it out of your diet completely, and you need to know the pros and cons of coffee. Monday mornings are tough, so a cup o’ Joe is sometimes a necessity. Since it is recommended to opt it out completely for healthier alternatives, knowing the pros and cons of this beverage might help you with that decision. Remember, just because coffee comes from a tree doesn’t mean it’s Paleo. It’s actually a bean and legumes aren’t healthy for you. Here is a little extra information that may help you riding your diet of this caffeinated beverages.

Coffee Can Increase OsteoporosisSince coffee can cause your body to excrete calcium as you urinate, this can essentially cause osteoporosis as you don’t want your body to rid itself of calcium. Although, the amount if very small and can be counter-acted, but you might want to reconsider a beverage that can do such an unhealthy thing.Coffee Reduces Your Risk of DiabetesStudies have shown consistent results that larger amounts of coffee reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes. Although this certainly sounds interesting, chances are that the studies are based on black coffee, and not amounts that have high sugar content because that would be contradictory. To keep in mind, there are may foods on the Paleo diet that can do this without the unnatural spike in energy, that also comes with a crash.Coffee Can Improve Memory and CognitionStudies have also shown that caffeinated coffee allows people to perform more efficiently when it is drank in the morning. In addition, it has shown to improve cognitive function as you age. It has been said that these results are only increased when a sweet treat is enjoyed with your morning cup ‘o joe, and your memory efficiency is also increased.Coffee Ages YouWhen it comes to age, coffee can definitely make your skin appear more weathered than it would have had you not been a coffee drinker. This beverage has antioxidants which causes wrinkling of the skin when consumed in higher amounts. You also experience dehydration when drinking this morning jolt, which is often a huge contributor to aging of the skin.Coffee Is FatteningChances are that you are on the Paleo diet so that you can improve your health, weight and possibly even your fitness. Unfortunately, drinking coffee can do the exact opposite as it causes blood sugar fluctuations due to the caffeine. That’s also not to mention the cravings that keep you wanting more and more of this drink, and you may even associate some java with a sugary dessert or other kind of donut which is even worse. Then, when the caffeine has died off, we reach for the fatty snacks to keep us going.The pros and cons of coffee are gross.The Conclusion of Pros and Cons of CoffeeAs you can see, even the pros of Coffee also have significant cons of coffee. You can switch to decaffeinated but it still isn’t the healthiest option available. Natural herbs and teas are the best choice for a morning beverage. The pros and cons of coffee battle one another.

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