Let's Thank the Heaven's for more Dimples 💖😍 Kpop and Dimples Part 2:

Okay! So I love dimples but who doesn't. Here's part two! Smiles.


BTS: Jimin. I should go cry in a hole for completely overlooking Jimins dimples when I watch BTS videos everyday. SMH *FACEPALM* So sorry. He's beautiful.

VIXX: Hongbin Cannot leave out the Beautiful dimpled man from VIXX. His smile is very contagious!@kpopandkimchi here you go dear!

Park Min Woo. He's not a kpop idol but he's still adorbs so he gets his own place here on this card. His smile is also contagious. @Kamiamon Here you go doll!

JYJ: Jaejoong and Yoochun These two guys are cute as a button! Just look at them!


SHINee: Key. He's adorable. His dimple is really prominent.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the post, but it's GACKT. He's still adorable.@najalong1998@Taijiotter I figured you both would appreciate this too! Disclaimer* I don't own any of the pictures or gifs used*

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