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and fore those interested to hear other versions of this song i found some that still completely take my breathe away ...and definitely are worth listening to though you may have permanet goosebumps whole listening to this song or some of the other versions .. maybe i should have put this learning right at the beginning :D

this one is truly amazing too the singer is like WOW i would never expect a voice like that and the performance is truly outstanding .. definitely worth hearing ... i really have no better words to describe it.. i lost all my words ...ahh.. it still had the power of the original version maybe even greater power and my goosebumps stayed for the whole song ...i really wish i had the luck to hear this and the original and the version with Dok2 life i would really enjoy IR



hello i love art, painting, drawing taking photos , listening to music and watching movies or TV series and learning stuff ... :) you can write to mě MSG if you have any suggestions whatsoever for artists, music or movies and series :) i will be happy to get any new suggestions :)
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