I Am Cait Sexuality?: Episode 3 Key Points

"I can appreciate the male form."

I Am Cait is not looking so good. For episode 2, the ratings plummeted 50 percent from episode 1 making Caitlyn "devastated". Ratings for episode 3 have not been released yet however a noticeable change did happen within the family this week, they actually acknowledged the show. Kendall, Kylie, Kim, and Khloé showed support to their millions of followers to watch the show which many believe was a guilt trip when none of them mentioned it before episode 2's debut. We'll have to wait and see if it makes any impact. In episode 3, Caitlyn wears a bathing suit for the first time, discusses her sexuality, and learns so much from another trans-woman named Blossom. Check out the key highlights below!

*Spoiler Alert*

- Transgendered women are 4 times more likely to live in extreme poverty.

- Laya Monarez shared her story about how she turned to sex work to pay the bills which ended in a horrific night where one of her clients stabbed her and then tried to run her over with his car. Horrifying.

- Blossom Brown applied 6 times to nursing school and have never been accepted due to being transgendered. She hopes to continue and try again in Washington DC.

- Blossom explained how she is trying to find her Ellen DeGenerous moment.

- Caitlyn breaks down privately with her producer where she reveals that she will not only get Blossom Brown on the Ellen Show but will also pay for Blossom Brown's nursing school.

- It is noted that Cait can't save the world however she can do the right thing if she just works on one person at a time.

- Ronda feels ultimately deserted by Caitlyn and she misses the former friendship.

- Candis talks about how your old your voice connects your old self to your new one.

- The girls go roller skating where Caitlyn learns more about Blossom.

- Caitlyn wears a pony tail for the first time.

- Girls then go to Napa Valley, Cait doesn't want to go home.

- "I have always felt comfortable alone."

- During the show, it was 5 weeks prior to the ESPY's. Cait is scared that she will be exposing herself to an entire audience of hyper masculine men.

- "I want them to be proud of their daddy."

- Caitlyn wears a bathing suit for the first time. Big development from prior episodes.

- The girls go motorcycling to push them out of their comfort zone.

- Cait's assistant hurts her hand.

- Caitlyn doesn't know if she's more attracted to men or women.

- "I can appreciate the male form."

- Caitlyn doesn't have the female parts from waste down.

- Candis is more attracted to men.

- Ronda continues to feel isolated by Caitlyn's new friends.

- Caitlyn and Candis discuss bra straps in a casual setting.

- The girls share who has influenced them most in their lives.

- Caitlyn really appreciates everyone's honesty.

- The girls learned so much in high school after being bullied their whole lives.

- "The Pink Cloud" is a place of euphoria and happiness experienced by transgendered people usually occurring after they come out.

- Ronda and Caitlyn rekindle their friendship, Caitlyn apologizes, they go to a movie.

Is Caitlyn striking nerves with the Kardashian sisters? Will Caitlyn and Candis date?

You can watch the full episode for FREE on E! Online.

Did you tune into I Am Cait this week?

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