Why Do People Hate Miley Cyrus?

I am here wondering why people have such a problem with her?

All the haters always have a select few words for our Miley, and every single thing they say makes absolutely no sense.

"She dresses so skanky."

If you want to hate Miley for that, do you, just be aware that you are sexist and also an asshole.

Especially because her male counterparts have posed a lot less dressed then she did.


"She's suppose to be a role model."

First off, shouldn't Miley being exactly who she is aka not bending and giving into societies pressure for her to "be normal" MAKE her a good role model? Besides that, all Miley does is dress crazy, stick out her tongue and sometimes dabbles in drugs. But lets be honest, kids are gonna experiment weather Miley does it or not and it's not like there has been any rehab scandal that most child artist have. Plus the only reason she is ever in the tabloids is because of her clothing so honestly she is one of the better super stars of Hollywood!

Miley is the spokesperson for body acceptance, sexuality acceptance and self love,

"All she does is stick out her tongue and look for attention."

taking a homeless youth as her date to the VMA'sHappy Hippie Foundationhelp the tens of thousands homeless LBGTQ youth of America.

but people need to stop judging Miley because she refuses to conform to societies main steam ideals of beautyladylike

I mean really, what do you consider to be a positive influence?!

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