10 Mundane Sam Wilson Headcanons

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1. Sam Wilson is a foodie. He learned how to cook from his mom and dad and he's loved food ever since. He's really into places that have communal tables.

2. He's the kind of guy that gets really excited whenever he sees a kid in a Falcon T-shirt. He loves being that guy. He loves making that kid's day with a big smile and a handshake and a solemn promise that they'll both protect the world from crime.

3. He's secretly the 'settling down' type. He's not ready right now, but it's one of his long-term goals.

4. Not a coffee drinker. So weird. But he's a green tea guy.

5. You what else he is? He's a protest kind of guy. He's in Ferguson right now and he didn't bring his wings because it's not that kind of fight. He's there and he's angry and he's going to make sure everyone is ok. He's going to be counseling and caring for people and he'll be standing at the front of the line because he is an Avenger and he knows what's right.

6. Sam Wilson is an excellent swing dancer and he is SO READY to show you.

7. When he's driving, the job of the co-pilot is to pick the music. And it had better be acceptable music. He has very particular taste and you must not disappoint him.

8. He hangs out with Natasha a lot and they both come up with excellent fossil jokes to make at Steve's expense and it's not their fault nobody gets how hilarious they are.

9. He sings in the shower and he has an excellent falsetto.

10. Pancakes are an anytime food.

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