7 Pixie Lessons From Jennifer Lawrence

A few hollywood stars have tried the pixie cut. In the past, I've seen notable celebs like Keira Knightly, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Lily Collins, and Miley Cyrus debuting with trying out similar style but none of them really rule in them. Ruby Rose may bring a whole new vibe to the pixie cut but JLaw will always be the queen of pixie. Here are 6 lessons you need to learn from the pixie queen.

1. She teaches us, when in doubt stick with a classy cut and put on a big smile to look confident.

2. The easiest way to get the perfect bed head is...tease!

3. Master the grungy style with sleek pixie, vamp lips and gorgeous black jumper.

4. To look like a fresh-face beauty - Comb your pixie back and put on a bright lip color.

5. If you're in a rush, wear your hair wet.

6. Part your hair to quickly update your pixie cut.

7. When you're all out of ideas, try something edgy...like a faux mohawk.

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