Now That's a Rally: Mets steal one from Colorado

It's time to face the facts: Jon Niese is having a really good season.

Niese is eating inningshe's been consistently great.

ralliedrobbed the Rockies of the series opener.

solo homer by Travis d'Arnaudtwo-run single by Murphy.quintessential Grandyman at-batjust under the diving glove of one Jose Reyes.

It was nice to see Reyes back in New York. He's a guy I always liked as a ballplayer and as a personality. He was a great Met and I think most Mets fans were sad to see him go. Granted, as it stands, I hope he goes 0-5 tonight, but, hey... .

This year, games like this can - and do - work out in the Mets favor.

I like seeing him rewarded for good pitching.

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