4 Ways To Get Over A Terrible Morning


So you had a really shitty start to your day. This morning personally I woke up to pouring rain, realized my mom took the rain boots, had to wear these weird clogs to work, couldn't find my wallet and spent the train ride feel sick with anxiety because of it, had to borrow money to get the train ticket to begin with, actually got to work a few minutes late and had to watch someone get in the elevator and push the floor 3 button. (FYI If you are one of those people that won't walk up 2 flights of stairs everyone in the elevator talks shit about you).

So I think it's safe to say I had a really shitty morning. But I am trying to not let it completely ruin my day so I am writing this card to get me outta the shitty morning funk!


1. Make yourself an awesome lunch

Yes I know maybe you don't have time in the morning to make lunch, so instead treat yourself to an awesome lunch (as long as you didn't lose your wallet like me). Having something totally delicious to look forward to, especially when it involves awesome food is a sure fire way to lift your mood as the morning becomes a thing of the past.

2. Wear bright colors

So its totally drab and rainy today. Which is why I am currently wearing a bright teal shirt! Also by a stroke of luck I had to find a different umbrella to use since mine got confiscated at the One Direction Concert (bare with me you gotta find the good in the smallest things). This means the umbrella I got to walk to work with is bright pink and white stripped.

Can you really be sad while holding such a ridiculous umbrella?


3. Restart at noon

So maybe your bad morning continued once you got into work. I can assure you the attitude that you have aka the world is against me today, is most defiantly not helping. Use noon as a reset! Once noon rolls around it is no longer morning which means you have all afternoon to have a good day. Start it off right with good food (see #1) or just a 5 minutes break to collect yourself and get the good vibes flowing.

4. Focus on the little things

Yes the big things seem to be going wrong for you, but the best way to get over the terrible morning is to not dwell on them! Focus on the fact that at least your breakfast tasted good even if you had to eat it on the run. Yes maybe it is pouring but now you don't have to hose down the beer smelling trash can or water the flowers. And the train might have taken forever but you got a seat so it really wasn't that bad!

Shitty mornings happen, not getting sucked into them is the key to a much better afternoon!

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