Homemade Jolly Rancher Vodka

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Supplies Needed:

vodka (unflavored)

airtight containers (Ikea has bottles like these)

Jolly Ranchers (about 10-12 pieces per small bottle)


Divide the Jolly Ranchers up by color, adding 10-12 pieces per bottle. This will help both the color and the flavor stay true to the candy. You can add more candy than this if you want something super sweet and intense.

Using a funnel, pour the unflavored vodka into the bottles.

After about one hour in the vodka, the Jolly Ranchers began to break down. This is the time you want to shake the bottle up. Let it sit over night.

By the next morning, give the vodka a good and vigorous shake. The candy should be completely dissolved and ready for cocktails!


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