What to Wear on the First Day of School

Whether you're heading back to college or knee-deep in high school woes, back to school fashion can be the best thing about going back to school. Deciding on your perfect first day outfit can be a challenge, as you want to look great and make a good first impression, but you also don't want to look like you're trying to hard.

I'll help you return to class like a true class act, in style.

Do... wear high-waisted shorts.

A flattering pair of high-waisted shorts (that aren't super tight or hotpant length) is cute and comfortable, and so easy to wear. Tuck a pretty button-up top into them, or even a simple striped longsleeve tee for a chic understated look, and add earrings or layered necklaces. Don't wear tiny cutoffs; a rolled hem or simply a longer hem will look cute, appropriate, and still show some leg.

Don't... wear a minidress.

Whether you're running around a college campus or slipping through the halls of your high school, a short hem threatens to flip up or ride up at a moment's notice, and you don't need the stress of it. You might love that dress and want to show it off, but if it's school-appropriate, save it for your second or third day, when you're comfortable with your schedule and don't want to worry about a short hemline riding up or accidentally flashing anyone.

Do... wear a super simple jumpsuit.

A simple sleeveless jumpsuit with a cinched-in waist is flattering and fashionable without looking too dramatic. Worn with simple jewelry and cool sandals (or booties if you're in a colder climate), a jumpsuit will make a statement without looking out-of-place. Make sure you're picking a soft cotton or similar style, not a silkier number, to keep it day-appropriate.

Don't... wear a tiny romper.

Rompers might sound easier to wear than jumpsuits, but most rompers are super short and strappy, will ride up under a backpack, and might be a bit too revealing for the first day. Swap them out for overall shorts if you want the similar look, or save your little romper for that back to school party.

Do... wear a midi dress.

This look is pretty and feminine but still casual enough for school. A simple dress that's fitted at the waist and then drop down or has a bit of an a-line will flatter your shape but look simple and sweet. The style is easily accessorized with layered necklaces or cool hoop earrings. Toughen up the look with chunky booties or gladiator sandals.

Do... wear sandals with a platform.

Flatforms or sandals with just a slight platform are both cute and casual, and look trendy but not like you're trying too hard. They'll give you a little boost but won't put your foot at an incline, so you can run to class with ease. Don't wear a brand new pair of shoes that needs to be broken in; the best is a pair you recently acquired this summer but have worn enough that they mold to your feet.

Do... try a leather backpack or tote bag.


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