The Getting To Know ARMY's Tag.

Was not tagged to do this but hey i saw it and took an interest in it! Anyway on with the tag questions! Number 1. My first bias in BTS was Rap Monster/ Mr Kim Namjoon. Number 2. My current bias in BTS is Suga! Number 3. I don't have a favourite Bangtan Bomb as they are all different, they all showcase different elements of the members talent and they are all equally as funny as another one. Number 4. My favourite BTS song has got to be their new song 'Dope' as you get to see all the members talents. Number 5. My bias wrecker in BTS is my first bias Kim Namjoon. Number 6. The member that appears in my dreams the most is Suga. Number 7. My favourite BTS MV is I need you as it has a great and meaningful story behind it and very moving lyrics. Number 8. My favourite BTS choreography is Dope as its fun. Number 9. The BTS choreography I dance to most is 'Heungtan Sonyeondan' as the choreography is laid back and fun to dance to. Number 10. I have been an ARMY since BTS debuted in June 2013 (2 years). Number 11. My favourite BTS tracklist is the tracklist to The Most Beautiful Moments in Life Pt.1. Number 12. My favourite album art is also The Most Beautiful Moments in Life Pt.1. Number 13. If I could choose a member to be my husband I would choose Suga.

Hey guys!! I'm an avid kpopper. My ultimate bias groups are Topp Dogg and Exo. My ultimate bias is Chanyeol of Exo!
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