Girls’ Generation’s charity auction raises over $5,000 in funds for terminally ill patients

Girls’ Generation have teamed up with ‘Beautiful Store‘ to hold their first online charity auction of the new year. The group’s members donated items to be auctioned. The campaign for the charity titled, ‘Together With Sooyoung Let’s Give the Light of Hope to the Dark World’ was unveiled through ‘Beautiful Store’, Daum, and QTV, calling out fans and citizens alike in the spirit of giving. It was revealed that Sooyoung personally reached out to the charity to contribute and expressed her interest in providing proper treatment as well as finding the cure for terminally ill patients. Girls’ Generation donated 17 of their own items and raised an impressive total of 5,841,000 won (~$5,500 USD). Jessica’s sneakers sold for 650,000 won (~$600 USD), YoonA’s sunglasses sold for 609,000 won (~$576 USD), Tiffany’s watch sold for 600,000 won (~$568 USD), YoonA’s hat sold for 540,000 won (~$511 USD), and Sooyoung’s watch sold for 412,000 won (~$390 USD). ‘Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and Hope’ campaign will end on the 19th.

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