The Voting Games!

I haven't posted anything in a while...lot of things going on but! I've returned with a fun topic that's being talked about for a while...this year's MAMA awards! This year is going to be crazy guys! With so many groups having comebacks this year's the voting is going to be fierce! And the categories are going to be overflowing with stars! BIG BANG, EXO, BTS, Sistar, AOA, Girls Generation, INFINITE....and so much more!

Let's face it...well I might be biased, BUT you guys will have to agree that BIG BANG has slayed this year non-stop! I wouldn't be surprised if they took in a LOT of awards! And if they don't...well riots will occur! There shall be an uprising against the Capitol! The end to the Hunger Ga- ah. I got carried away....(*^_^*)

Who knows what will occur?! The voting frenzy will begin soon. And I for one look forward to how this shindig is going to go down. But I wanna know what you guys think, who's going to take it all? BIG BANG with their fantastic MADE series? Exo with their catchy, makes you wanna dance album Exodus? BTS and their slaying album? or any of the other fantastic idols out there? Let me know what you guys think! And may the odds be ever in your bias's favor!!!! (*^_^*)

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