Upgrade Your Short Hair with Braids

Are you tired of your boring short hair? Are you waiting for your bob or lob to grow out? Kill time and change up your style with braids. You'll be surprise with how much you can actually do with a restricted hair length.

Half-Up Braided Crown

Fake a half-up hairstyle with two plaits from the side merging together for a crown braid. Secure it with bobby pins and gently lift the crown part of the hair up. Looks great with bangs or without bangs.

Edgy Side Cornrow

Kristin Ess

Fringe French Braid

Keep hair off your face by French braiding the hair line. It's possible to do this on a pixie cut if you have longer hair at the front.

Braided Bangs

Another neat trick for braiding a pixie is sneaking in a tight braid under the bangs. It's an unexpected trick that'll make you look chic!

Macramé Braid

Lauren Conrad always has the best looking long locks. When she chopped of her hair for a lob I was already looking forward to her short hairstyle styling tip. Kristen Ess collaborated with Lauren and create a snake looking braid. Gently push the plait upward to get this effect.

Fishtail braid

If you have a textured bob this will add an interesting touch. Also, smaller strands will make the fishtail look more define.

Side Braid

And finally, here is a reliable classic side braid when you're stumped with ideas. Take a small section from either side do a simple 3-strand braid.

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