How To Hand Stamp Cute Pet Tags

OMG! How cute is this pet tag?! His name is MAC?! CUTE!!!!!!!!

Here's how to do this yourself. Get the kiddos in on this too (with supervision, of course) so they can be part of the pet process!

Supplies Needed:

jeweler's bench block

round stamping blanks

letter stamp punch set (6mm shown)


washi or painter's tape

jump ring or small split key ring-collar of your choice

black marker and rubbing alcohol (optional)

Use the tape to secure the bottom and top of your stamping blank onto your jeweler's block. Leave a space just taller than your letter stamp so it can also act as a guide for your letters.

Line up your name letters in the right order in front of you (you may need a different size of letters depending on the length of name and size of circle you choose).

Starting with the middle letter, stamp your letter with 2-3 firm hits of the hammer, and then continue to add the next sequential letters on each side until the whole name is completed.

TIP: It's really helpful to have a few practice blanks to get the stamping rhythm down first. You can buy a couple of cheaper blanks to practice on first.

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