5 Tips to Taking the Perfect Photo

As a photo enthusiast, I love to fool around with compositions and with the object that I'm taking photos of. Here are 5 basic tips that work for me when I shoot, try them out: 1) Exposure: With your f-stop at F/16. Put your ISO to your preference and then set your Shutter speed to 1 over that number. (ie. ISO 400, Shutter speed 1/400). Just make sure to check your light meter. 2) Focus: If you want to keep the foreground and background in focus, keep your f-stop high(F/16 or F/22). If you ONLY want to keep one thing in focus, keep a low f-stop. 3)Composition: Think about symmetry, and asymmetry, also the rule of 3rds(Try putting the object in focus near one of the corners of the frame). 4) Angle: We are so used to taking things standing up. Try squatting, laying on the ground, or getting to the top of a structure. You'll be surprised how much of a difference that makes! 5) Timing: Some pictures you take will require precise timing (ie. facial expressions, animations, anything in motion) Keep that camera close to your eye whenever you are on a photo shoot. I've had many times where I said to myself, "Aww that was the moment I was looking for!" Good luck! (I took those pictures ^^)

I love everything that is Photography. Something that I love equally is the world sport, SOCCER, or better put, Football!!
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