Update Your Old And Tired Tablecloth

If you're antsy and looking for cute project that is easy to do, low-budget and rather quick to do, AND WILL UPDATE AND REFRESH? I am IN LOVE with this idea. It's all about breathing new life into old and tired table cloths.

If you have some that are cotton, cotton-blend or consist of other natural fibers, like linen, wool and silk, then you will get incredible results. Don't try this with synthetics as the color won't stick!

Supplies Needed:

white cotton tablecloth

fabric dye

salt (amount depends on fabric yardage)

dye fixative

acrylic paint

acrylic paint textile medium

round foam dabber

plastic gloves

Step One:

Soak your cotton tablecloth in hot water, then remove from the washing machine (or large basin) and wring out the dripping water.

Step Two:

Fill a washing machine or large basin with enough hot water to completely cover the tablecloth. Add the dye you wish to use plus the amount of salt called for on the dye packaging. Stir to dissolve the dye.

Make sure your fabric isn't folded when you return it to the water. Follow the dye package instructions for soak time.

Step Three:

Remove the dyed fabric from the empty washing machine, and fill the machine with hot water and dye fixative. Put the tablecloth back into the machine and allow it to go through a normal cycle. Allow this to dry after completely.

Step Four:

Combine two parts of acrylic paint to one part of textile medium to make it safe for washable fabrics.

Step Five:

Once dry, use a round foam dabber to create a dotted pattern across the length of the tablecloth, but you can use any foam shape or stencil you like to create your pattern.

Now you can sit down at the table with it set and quiz your family on whether or not they notice anything different about the dining room. First one to guess right gets double dessert!

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