Style Star Spotlight: Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor

DJ and model Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor has a notable personal style that maintains the risky balance between cute and sexy, classic and daring. The daughter of John Taylor of Duran Duran, Taylor cites music as a major source of inspiration in her life. The DJ lifestyle has become more and more connected to the fashion world, and Taylor's friendship with fellow style star and DJ Harley Viera Newton is attests to this fact. Here's how to get her look.

Cutesy made sexy.

Taylor has an impish charm about her, and her pseudo-naughty schoolgirl looks attest to this. She's a big fan of high collars, baby pink, and sweet blouses, but adds revealed skin and body-hugging pieces to counter a look that verges on precious.

Flirty keyholes.

The keyhole top is an ever-sultry style that shows some skin or peeks of cleavage without going totally bare. Taylor wears a range of keyholes that break up a longer dress, cut up the pattern and make it interesting, or just add a sexy twist to a modestly high neckline.

Sheer but sweet.

Taylor is a master at walking the line between sexy and sweet, girly and vampy. She does this with sheer overlay and sheer pieces, contrasting otherwise covered-up looks. By wearing full garments that have mesh sleeves or peeks of midriff, Taylor is tastefully alluring, not trashy.

Pretty in polka dots.

How does one achieve that perfectly sweet vibe without the classic babydoll print of polka dots? Taylor turns to dotted pieces that show bare leg or chest to contrast sweet and sexy without going over-the-top. From dotted minidresses to spotted pieces she can mix and match, Taylor trusts in the power of the polka dot.

Taylor has a realness about her style, one that makes us think that if we wear enough lace and polka dots while showing some skin, we can all get her naughty-or-nice style.

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