California Gets Creative with Conservation


The dark balls would help protect the water from evaporation and block sunlight and UV rays that promote algae growth, which would help keep the city’s drinking water safe. Officials also said the balls would help slow the rate of evaporation, which drains the water supply of about 300 million gallons a year. The balls cost $0.36 each.

Watch as Cali goes balls to the wall (but really though) and releases the shade balls in to the reservoir. Californians are pretty stoked about this weather though, saying that the balls were “mesmerizing” and “like a giant ball-pit!”

This sparked an interesting and (obviously) weird hashtag on Twitter: #ShadeBalls that, uh, prompted some really great tweets.


Other creative ways to conserve? Here’s some suggestions I have for California:

1. Spray paint the grass - You can have that nice green grass you always wanted without the water.

2. Don’t shower - Try some Febreeze instead.


4. Wear a diaper instead of going to the bathroom - This also helps you get in touch with your younger (baby) self.

5. Shade duckies - the shade balls would be a lot cuter if they were rubber ducks! Better yet, GIANT rubber ducks.

I’m glad to see Cali is getting creative, and even more excited for them to implement my objectives.

“Smile until you feel better. I call it Kimmying."
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